Thank you for your interest in, a website started in 2006 in Santa Barbara, CA, and now located in Santa Cruz, CA. The website now receives over 2,000 unique visitors per month. To advertise on the site, contact us. Our mission is to provide site visitors with accurate, non-biased information about U.S. government and private financial assistance programs. Occasionally we post articles and resources on other similar topics of interest, however, the core of our content pertains to financial assistance programs. This includes grants, loan guarantees, cash benefits, scholarships, financial aid, sources of venture capital, down payment assistance and other programs provided by Federal, State and local government agencies, private foundations, corporations, non-profits, banks and more.

Today in the United States there are literally thousands of financial assistance programs available – designed to help many different groups of people from all walks of life. However, the task of finding programs that match one’s specific needs can be a huge undertaking due to the fact that there is no central database or single source of information. The data on these programs is spread throughout hundreds of government and non-government offices and websites. Making things more difficult, there are scores of private websites charging high fees for access to information that is often incomplete, over-hyped and outdated. The language used on many government websites attempting to describe these programs can be difficult to understand (similar to the IRS tax code), which is often times too complex even for the well educated. The end result is that millions of people who could benefit from these programs never do…

We hope our site can simplify the discovery process and make life easier. contains a growing number of original articles, all written in-house, many of which contain descriptions, contact information and website links for grants and other financial assistance programs. We focus on programs designed to benefit ordinary citizens; students, home buyers, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, single parents, minorities, the elderly and more. We strive to provide information that is accurate, non-biased, up-to-date and can be understood by everyone. The website is updated several times per week.

In order to provide the best user experience possible we appreciate all types of feedback. Also, if you have a testimonial, or success story regarding a financial program you’ve applied for and you’d like to share it with us, please do by contacting us.

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