Career Specific Grants

Profession-Specific and Subject-Specific Grants As the United States struggled to come out of the recent economic recession, a lot of people have found themselves suddenly unemployed as businesses all over the country failed. In many cases, even the corporate elite were not able to escape unscathed. However, despite the downturn, there were some professionals who … Read more

Tips For Applying For Government Jobs

How to Land a Government Job Working for the government used to be seen as a dead end because it offered lower compensation and reduced possibilities for advancement and promotion. For those on the fast track to success, climbing the corporate ladder was the way to go and working for a public office was virtually … Read more

Understanding Financial Aid For College

Anxiety over the decision of which college to attend, how to get accepted, and how to pay for it can get pretty intense for most students and their families. A little research and effort will go a long way towards making better college decisions, getting accepted, and perhaps most importantly securing the financial aid and/or … Read more

Rural Home Repair Grants and Loans

These Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Development housing programs exist in order to improve the quality of life for Americans living in rural areas by making sure they have access to safe, well-built and affordable homes. As the program titles suggest, rural home repair grants and loans specifically help rural home owners with very low … Read more

State Benefits for Residents Who Live in California

There are numerous government benefits and freebies available to citizens and legal residents in every State, including those who live in California. Most of these programs have income requirements – they are based on financial need – but some programs are available to everyone. California CalWORKs (TANF) Program Description CalWORKs is a financial assistance program … Read more

List of Free and Emergency Medical Services

You can get free medical help, free prescriptions drugs, and emergency medical services anywhere in the country if you know who to call. The following page contains descriptions and contact information for free and emergency medical services available nationwide. Many of these resources also provide toll-free medical advice and information via their hotlines. 1-888-4PPA-NOW (1-888-477-2669) … Read more

Are Small Business Grants Real?

If you’re interested in finding small business grants it means you’ve probably seen at least one late night TV commercial about all the free grant money you can get to start the business of your dreams… It sounds exciting and you want it to be true but your smarter conscience is still wondering what to … Read more

Grants Scam Warning

Do Not Apply For Grants On Any Website Until You Read This… Every year over 30 MILLION Americans receive over 450 BILLION dollars in grants and other forms of free money. It is a fact. The subject has been featured over a dozen times on major media sources such as Oprah, Headline News, CNN, CNBC, … Read more

DMV Contact Information For All 50 States

Your state’s DMV will provide you with more than just vehicle registration and drivers license services. Your DMV will also provide you with organ donor information, voter registration resources, and access to numerous DMV employment opportunities. Here is current DMV contact information for all 50 states: Alabama Department of Public Safety 500 Dexter Avenue Montgomery, … Read more

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