The Genesis down payment assistance program is one of the best of it’s kind. It’s a national down payment assistance program that provides home buyers with free grant money, or “gift” money to use for a down payment, closing costs, or other costs associated with buying a home. With help from this program you can literally buy a house with no money down. And there’s no catch – the money you receive is a grant, or gift. There is no lien recorded against the home and you will never have to pay the money back. If you’re buying a home and need help with the down payment you can visit the Genesis website using the link provided at the end of this article.

Here are a few of the most positive aspects of this program:

In order to qualify the only things you have to do are 1) get approved for a mortgage that accepts gift funds for use as your down payment (such as FHA) and 2) you have to purchase your home from a seller that will participate in the Genesis Program. So basically if you are approved for your loan you are AUTOMATICALLY ELIGIBLE for a grant from Genesis as long as the seller of the property will participate in the Genesis Program. Your real estate agent should be familiar with down payment gift programs such as this one and will be able to explain how it works to the seller. It’s typically not very hard to get the seller to go along with it because by participating in a down payment assistance program the seller is able to sell the home much faster, simply because it makes the home accessible to so many more buyers. Coming up with a down payment is the biggest hurdle for most home buyers.

Additional facts about the Genesis down payment assistance program: There are no geographic restrictions – You can buy a home in any state. You don’t have to be a first time home buyer to qualify. Here’s a big one: There are no income restrictions – It makes no difference how much money you make. Your Realtor, mortgage company, or closing office are NOT required to complete any kind of registration. Genesis can provide you with the grant money for your down payment within 24 hours of receiving the completed paperwork. Similar down payment assistance grants and other home buyer assistance programs normally provide 3% up to 5% of the property value, however, Genesis will provide up to $22,500.00 and not just a percentage. You are not required to have any money for the down payment. It is truly a ZERO down payment and closing cost program.

There are also plenty of eligible property types: (Existing or new construction)

Single Family (1-4) Units
Manufactured/Modular Homes

Here is the contact info and website link for Genesis:

The Genesis Program
8834 N. Capital of Texas Hwy.
Suite 110
Austin, TX 78759
Phone: 512.231.0270
Fax: 512.342.9860


Federal Tax ID: 74-2321634